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Eli Mustin- 1794-1878

3rd Great Grandfather of FSU Founder W.H. Richardson

Insurance begins with caring for others.


In our family, insurance is literally “in the blood” of our ancestors.


Back in 1830, long before the modern versions of insurance companies were prevalent, Eli Mustin, after seeing that the poor in his area could not afford sickness or even to bury their dead, led 27 men to form the Beneficial Society of Augusta, and have it approved by the Georgia legislature. This “society” was an early form of an insurance company.  It collected $.50 per month from its members and then paid out $2.50 per week if sick; and if death occurred, would pay the widow $25 for burial plus $30 for living expenses.


Eli’s character could also be seen when he brought Elijah J. Pannal, an orphan, into his house to live, and into his retail store for a job.  Mustin mentored Pannal in scholastics at night using his own books so Pannal could rise above his lack of learning, and Mustin mentored Pannal in how to care for people as Pannal watched Mustin’s example daily at work.  Pannal eventually opened his own business of carriage making and repair, as well as becoming a prominent Pastor in Georgia history as he served several churches.


At the end of Eli Mustin’s life, it was said “Few men in private walks of life were better known, few more universally esteemed by all classes than he.”


We at FSU Insurance today want to follow Eli’s example by genuinely caring about the relationships we have with our clients.


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